Creating the project documentation

In this section of the tutorial I shall base my instructions on the the Component-Entity design pattern which is a partial fork of the GDQuest Design Patterns project. This is available here

The following assumes that you have git installed on your system. If not then where the instructions are to clone a repository you will have to download the zip file of the repository and unpack it to the relevant directory. The Script files chapter has information on using zip for extracting github repositories onto your system.

Create a folder to hold the complete code for this tutorial - I called mine DesignPatternsProject.

After creating the root directory we can proceed with setting up the folders to hold both the example Godot project and the documentation project.


The Godot project folder and the documentation folder do not have to be from a common root - I am only setting it up like this to make the instructions and diagrams easier. The programs do not care where the Godot project is as long as you can supply the path.

P.S. I try to avoid names with spaces - they play havoc with parsing paths for lots of programs unless you pass in the name correctly.