Setting Up the Project Structure

I like to have a separate document folder within my projects but for this primer I will assume that the document folder is stand alone and completely disconnected from any project folder. This makes it easier to explain some of the concepts involved.

With a terminal window or cmd prompt open navigate to where you wish the root of your project to be then enter

$ sphinx-quickstart

This will offer you a set of options. Accept the default options or provide answers where required. A typical question and response session would be:

$ sphinx-quickstart
Welcome to the Sphinx 5.1.1 quickstart utility.

Please enter values for the following settings (just press Enter to
accept a default value, if one is given in brackets).

Selected root path: .

You have two options for placing the build directory for Sphinx output.
Either, you use a directory "_build" within the root path, or you separate
"source" and "build" directories within the root path.
> Separate source and build directories (y/n) [n]:

The project name will occur in several places in the built documentation.
> Project name: Godot API documentation
> Author name(s): Doc Creator
> Project release []: 0.0.1

If the documents are to be written in a language other than English,
you can select a language here by its language code. Sphinx will then
translate text that it generates into that language.

For a list of supported codes, see
> Project language [en]:

Creating file /../demo_root/
Creating file /../demo_root/index.rst.
Creating file /../demo_root/Makefile.
Creating file /../demo_root/make.bat.

Finished: An initial directory structure has been created.

You should now populate your master file /Documentation/testSphinxSetup/index.rst
and create other documentation source files. Use the Makefile to build the
docs, like so:
make builder
where "builder" is one of the supported builders, e.g. html, latex or linkcheck.

this would result in the following directory structure:

├── _build
├── _static
├── _templates
├── index.rst
├── make.bat
└── Makefile


Alternative structure not used in this tutorial

If you reply Y(es) to the question > Separate source and build directories (y/n) [n]: then you will have a directory structure as follows:

├── build
├── make.bat
├── Makefile
└── source
    ├── index.rst
    ├── _static
    └── _templates

Here the source for your documentation is moved into a subfolder of the main project.