Document Project Setup

The previous sections dealt with creating the reStructuredText files. On their own these files do not constitute a usable document; all they consist of are the details of your APIs marked up so that they can be incorporated into a meaningful document - in this case an html document created with Sphinx.

This section deals creating the folder with a virtual environment. Creating a Sphinx layout in that folder. Setting up Sphinx so that the documentation has the look of the Godot Documentation (which itself is based on the sphinx-rtd-theme). And finally adding the script files to enable the automatic creation of the Godot project APIs within the folder.


Obviously this is a very opinionated setup that may not be to everyone's liking. If not then there are numerous Sphinx themes available for you to use with this primer so your documentation to your liking. However, parts of the file configuration section will not be applicable.

It is assumed that you have Sphinx installed if not then see Installing sphinx